Dorothy Boice (more commonly known as Dorrie), has been teaching dance in the styles of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, and Lindy Hop since 2008. Being a late bloomer to dance (starting classes at the age of 15) she fell in love, rapidly got into learning as many styles she could, and never looked back. Transformed from being a recreational activity to an emotional outlet, dancing became a huge part of Dorrie's life. Partnered dancing in particular opened her eyes to the importance of learning communication through physical connection and using dance to have a conversation. She continues to expand on her own experiences, knowledge of dance technique, and is devoted to sharing her learnings with her students. 
     Over the years she has worked with many day cares, school programs, studios, performance groups, and her students range from age 3 anywhere up to 90 years old! Currently Dorrie teaches with Troy Dance Factory, the Young Actors Guild, and runs her own Lindy Hop classes at various locations. To see other offerings, click on the "Dance Services," tab!