Testimonials & Videos


    "Prepping for our first dance with Dorrie made getting ready for our wedding really, really fun.
    My partner, now wife, and I knew Dorrie from the swing dance scene in Albany and were always impressed with her extraordinary skills, technique and artistry on the dance floor. When planning our wedding, we asked Dorrie to choreograph our first dance as a married couple, and she created a beautiful, touching and lively dance. We had a few ideas in mind for the dance and Dorrie was great at listening to our thoughts and incorporating them into the finished piece. Not only did Dorrie spend many hours of private lessons teaching us steps, but spent time helping us refine our technique and find a sense of freedom in the movements.  

    We loved every moment of our time with Dorrie, and thanks to her, we have a lifetime of amazing memories from our wedding dance! Thank you Dorrie!!"

                                                                                                  -Liz & Alison


*You can view Alison & Liz's first dance choreographed by Dorrie here!


"Thank you for your wonderful performance and entertaining swing dance lesson. Everyone is coming and asking us if you do this for a living. Hope you enjoyed our wedding!"

                                                                                               -Arianto & Gina

Workshops, Camps, and Private Lessons

"Dorothy is one of those teachers whose love for movement is infectious and I really enjoy the way she thinks outside of the box when she teaches. When she came to Yale to teach the workshop series, I HAD to go to her classes (burlesque blues and hip hop Lindy hop?!) because I knew it would help me as both a swing and blues dancer and just as a dancer overall. I wasn't disappointed: she gives attention to even the most minute of details, shapes an idea from it, and turns it into something that makes you say "Wow, how did that even happen?" Even a class as "simple" as swingout variations didn't go over what was considered the common variations that were taught, but instead shed light on how to take a concept and become inspired to create that movement with your body, something seen in modern dance classes but rarely for swing dance. I can't praise her highly enough because there are so few teachers like her that teach you how to grow instead of teaching just moves."            
                                                                                                                                                      Joyce Noble, Yale Swing & Blues                                            

    "Dorrie Boice is a natural when working with kids and adults.  She came into Camp Walt Whitman to run a week of swing dancing classes for kids of all ages and ability levels as well as staff events and we didn’t want her to leave!  Her connection with kids is evident from the moment she walks into the room, making everyone comfortable and want to dance.  She is able to easily explain complicated dance moves in a very accessible and practical way that makes every student want to learn more.  Dorrie comes ready to work in any environment with tons of energy and a smile that never fades and spreads to each one of her students.  We hope she comes back for years!"        

                                                                                                                               Jake Javitch,  Assist. Director of Camp Walt Whitman

"Not only is Dorrie an amazing swing dancer, both as lead and follow, she has a thorough and deep understanding of what it takes to be a great dancer.  This combination of phenomenal skill and excellent knowledge allows Dorrie to identify underlying problems and explain the solution in whatever terms are understandable to the student be it verbal, visual, or physical explanations.

What really sets Dorrie apart as a dance instructor is her attitude.  She has a buoyant personality full of energy, but also a deep caring for her students. She loves to see her students be successful and adjusts her curriculum so that
each student feels confident and accomplished.

Added to Dorrie's skill and caring as a dance instructor, she is thoroughly prepared  for each lesson whether individual or for a large group and follows up after each lesson with continued support and guidance.  She is a most phenomenal swing dance instructor."

                                                                                                                                                        Brian Carr,
Private Lesson client

Performance Videos

First Friday Dance at the Albany Elk's Lodge (October 4th, 2019) Performance by "Team Lindy Love," a 12 week Performance Class led and choreographed by Dorothy Boice (Dorrie). Throughout the course of this class its students learn both choreography and technique with the goal of performing at the end. Want to join a performance class?


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First Friday Dance at the Albany Elk's Lodge (April 5th, 2019) Performance by "Team Lindy Love," a 10 week Performance Class led and choreographed by Dorothy Boice (Dorrie). 

A past performance class  debuting their routine at a local swing dance in 2014. This particular group was a 10 week class which was dedicated to breaking the traditional dance roles and having all the dancers switch off between leading and following!

Dorrie's choreography for the Dylan Perrillo Orchestra's music video "Hot Numba," filmed in April 2014 and released in November 2014!

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Dorrie performing "The Big Apple," with NYC's Big Apple Lindy Hoppers at an NYU event in 2012.

Dorrie performing her own choreography with Chester Freeman of Got 2 Lindy Dance Studios at the Hop for Haiti Benefit in 2010.

Dorrie performing authentic solo Jazz to "Everything is Jumpin," (choreographed by Chester Freeman) with Chester's Cool Cats and Kittens, 2008.